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Compaction in Small Grains

Posted by romeethredge on January 3, 2014

Soil compaction can cause real problems in small grains. New Decatur County Ag Agent, Justin Ballew, looked at this field of oats with me yesterday. The grower said it wasn’t growing well. We used the compaction meter and in the green strips it was soft but there was an apparent shallow hardpan in the poor growth areas. The green strips corresponded with where the field was ripped at corn planting time.

Some sort of deep tillage ahead of planting small grains is important in most cases.

photo (7) photo (8)



One Response to “Compaction in Small Grains”

  1. […] Other fields look to have yellow streaks. Yellowing in these cases may come from previous crop – possibly litter left behind peanut picker and more N available. Another issue here could be soil compaction. Here is a blog post from Seminole County Agent, Rome Ethredge, where he and Decatur County Agent, Justin Ballew looked at some fields that were not deep tilled and soil compaction became an issue: […]

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