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Question of the Week – Wild pigs

Posted by romeethredge on January 29, 2014

A good many folks knew what was causing the damage to the wheat field, wild hogs.  David Pearce of Jakin Peanut and
Jimmy Laska of  Dupont were some quick correct answerers.

Jimmy says  ” Appears to be signs of the infamous “Sus scrofa domesticus”.  AKA, hog, pig, piney wood rooter, razor back, South GA plague!”

Some of this damage was very fresh, plants just dug up, and I got an eerie feeling out in this remote field by myself at sunset, I think they were watching for me to leave.

The biological family that pigs belong to is the Suidae family. Is that why we sometimes call them by saying “Suu  eee  pig”?

This had been a peanut field last summer and there were a few peanuts still around that it looked like the pigs were digging and eating. I remember old timers talking about getting their swine out of their pens and hogging off peanut fields after harvest.


This week I want to ask you what these plants are and what is going on here with them?


2 Responses to “Question of the Week – Wild pigs”

  1. M. Stewart said

    Canola ( Brassica)with Clearfield technogy with no herbicide effect. Wild mustard brassica (weed) exhibiting herbicide symptoms

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