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Wheat – Time running out for Herbicides

Posted by romeethredge on February 27, 2014

Our wheat is at full tiller and entering the jointing stage in some cases. By jointing time we need to have our fertilizer out and most herbicide applications done. Rain has held us out of some fields and this has been a problem that is getting critical. Phenoxy herbicides like MCPA can cause damage to the plant and hurt yields if sprayed on late.

Mark Hanna and I were checking some of his wheat today to see what stage it is in and we saw that it will soon be jointing. Herbicides have gone out already in most of his fields and he will get his final herbicide in this field on in a day or 2 to prevent injury and possible yield loss. The final sidedress fertilizer has already gone on and the wheat looks very good with good tillering.  The closeup in the second photo shows the tiny developing grain head he’s pointing at with the knife. You can see the beginning of a hollow stem developing just below the grain head.  We want to keep ground equipment out of fields after jointing as well because we get more damage to the plant after this point.





Here’s a chart from the UGA Wheat Production guide that shows how much injury we can get at different growth stages.

 Fullscreen capture 2272014 54901 PM


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