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Fertilizer Spreader Evaluation

Posted by romeethredge on February 28, 2014

We are  spreading a lot of fertilizer in preparation for corn planting and its important to make sure you are getting a good pattern in the field.  Most newer spreaders calculate the rate per acre for you, in other words, you may know how many pounds of material you are putting out per acre.

But we are also concerned with the spread over the area. We want an even spread with no heavy or light streaks. This UGA publication at the link below covers how to evaluate your fertilizer spreader in detail. Also most spreaders come with a good guide to help with this process.

Last week we checked out this spreader with Brad Thompson and with a few adjustments it is spreading evenly and doing a good job. We put out containers to catch fertilizer behind the spreader and put grates in them to keep bouncing out down to a minimum and then later poured them into vials so that we could line them up and see if there were problems.

We also ran the next through to see how much fertilizer came from next door to the run we were measuring, overlap.


Here, below we see how much overlap we have.


Fertilizer flying out onto the field.





Empty the pan into vials according to location of the pan.



Checking out the levels in the vials to see how good our spread is.





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