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Corn Planting

Posted by romeethredge on March 3, 2014

Field Corn is being planted in South Georgia. Wet soils from recent rainfall has slowed most folks from getting started planting but some have put corn in the ground. Here on Mark Hanna’s farm they have about 150 acres planted. They started Friday, Feb 28 and rain may catch them and slow things soon.

Here’s John Hanna checking seed placement.


Tracy Scarborough is checking corn planter.



Soil temperatures are just getting where they need to be for planting. Here’s the average soil temps for the last three days in Donalsonville. We use the 2 inch soil temperature for corn planting decisions.

Fullscreen capture 332014 101144 AM

Here’s planting date info from the UGA Corn Production Guide. It can be accessed at this link.

Fullscreen capture 332014 100733 AM

Fullscreen capture 332014 100754 AM

 Here is a useful chart for checking planted population.

Fullscreen capture 332014 102351 AM


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