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Corn 1 week after planting

Posted by romeethredge on March 8, 2014

We looked back at some corn yesterday that had been in the ground for one week in some sandy soil. Here are some photos of the seedlings’ progress. It is coming along as expected. We say that with cool soils it will take 10 to 12 days to emerge, so at seven days we are right on this schedule. We could use sunshine and warmer soils, however. We would like the daily average to be 60 degrees for quick emergence. The 2 inch soil temperature was about 58 degrees mid afternoon,  yesterday , the daily average was 52 degrees.

It this point we were able to get close to a thousand acres planted in Seminole county, in sandy soils where we dodged the heavier rains.

_DSC2989 _DSC2985


3 Responses to “Corn 1 week after planting”

  1. Steve said

    Rome, where is it not sandy in Seminole county?

    • We have a fair amount of tifton soil in northern part of county

      • Steve said

        My ancestors for 3 or 4 generations have lived on Burl Lane Road, just east of Hwy 45. Being reared in Colquitt County, I had never seen anything like Wagram until I went arrowhead hunting on my great aunts farm years ago. My dad has said that was tough dry land farming in the 1940’s.

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