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Water and Weather Info and Outlook

Posted by romeethredge on March 28, 2014

 I gave a talk this week to our Young Farmers group concerning water and weather info and outlook. I have my slide show on youtube that you can watch below. I have links to most of the sites mentioned on my blog, that’s what the first few slides are showing.




Here are some of the highlights.

The Floridan Aquifer here is in good shape. Here’s water levels in the test well above Brinson Georgia in Miller county. This shows from this week and a year back in time. The blue line is our levels, The orange triangles are the long term average. So since July 2013 we are in good shape.


Fullscreen capture 3242014 110627 AM

Here’s what 2012 looked like with our aquifer levels, we were below average for sure.

Fullscreen capture 3242014 111505 AM


We see that so far in 2014 we are having normal rainfall and it looks like we are forecast for this to continue.

Fullscreen capture 3242014 111651 AM

You see that surface water in Georgia is in pretty good shape right now.

Fullscreen capture 3242014 112202 AM


Here’s our own Spring Creek levels for the past year.


Fullscreen capture 3242014 112836 AM

Our long term outlook is for normal rain, whatever normal is? What is normal?

Fullscreen capture 3242014 115243 AM

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