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Apps For Sprayer Calibration

Posted by romeethredge on April 3, 2014

Dr. Michael Toews, UGA Entomologist, gives us an update about some calibration apps for smartphones.

“Jeremy Greene (cotton Entomologist at Clemson) developed a couple of very handy smartphone apps for calibrating and mixing sprayers.

Look up “Calibrate My Sprayer” on the Apple app store (or Google Play).  The user simply selects broadcast or banded, nozzle spacing, number of nozzles, speed, time caught,  and catch per nozzle and the app calculates the number of gallons per acre.

Alternatively, you can tell it you want to put out a certain number of gallons per acre and the app spits out what your catch per nozzle should be.  Results can be saved and named for each of your sprayers.

After your growers are correctly calibrated, “MIX MY SPRAYER” (mobile app for iOS and Android) enables the user to quickly calculate the amount of product to include in a user-defined mix size. “

Fullscreen capture 432014 10540 PM


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