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June Beetle Grubs

Posted by romeethredge on April 11, 2014


These are green June Beetle grubs. They were found in a pasture where white birds were abundant, indicating some sort of insect presence. The grubs were just at the soil surface causing some disturbance to the grass. Looks like good fish bait.  The adult June beetles are large green beetles.

Dr. Will Hudson, UGA Entomologist, gives us some more info on this situation.  “They are the only ones that will come to the surface, and their legs are very short for the size of the body. They also crawl with their legs up in the air. They don’t eat roots, just organic matter in the thatch layer (that’s why they come to the surface). The damage is all mechanical, from tunneling up and back down. Let the birds eat them if they will, but any labeled pyrethroid will kill them at a low rate. It’s probably not worth a treatment unless there are so many they churn the top layer and sever roots. This time of year, when the soil is still too cool for the grass to really be growing, the “damage” seems worse than it actually is in many cases.”


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