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Wheat Headed Out and Stem Maggot

Posted by romeethredge on April 18, 2014

Wheat is mostly headed out in deep south Georgia and is looking pretty good.  It’s a little later than usual this year. You can see that these wheat heads are blooming.


Here we see lots of heads per square foot and that’s good. To estimate wheat yields you can use head number and other factors in a calculation. You can link here to an article by Florida Extension Agent Josh Thompson concerning this procedure.

Remember that this is a perhaps a very rough estimate of yield.



This is an unusual problem in wheat for us to see, Wheat Stem Maggot. Decatur County Agent, Justin Ballew saw some of this earlier in the week and correctly identified it and I saw some yesterday in a field near the Chattahoochee river here in Seminole County. The maggot apparently bores into the stem at the bottom of the top internode and the grain head dies and turns white and you can pull it out pretty easily. I saw several affected heads in an area yesterday but it was a low overall incidence in the field, it seemed.

UGA Entomologist, David Buntin, says, “Wheat stem maggot is not new. I have seen it occasionally for years. Always at low levels in fields here.”




Kansas State University has some information about this pest at this link.

_DSC4266 _DSC4260





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