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Corn Nematodes

Posted by romeethredge on April 26, 2014

Some corn still  looks tough but it’s looking better with our warmer temperatures and sunshine and sidedress fertilization.

I suspected nematodes in this field last week due to the poor growth and the uneven growth of plants in areas of the field and some “patchiness” where nematodes were higher in numbers perhaps.




We took a sample and we did find Stubby root nematodes causing problems out here. We could say that there’s not much we can do now about it, but there is. Since we have a compromised root system we can baby the field along until we get good growth and perhaps after that. We have seen in the past where we have early season nematode problems in corn we can do a lot to overcome it with good management.  We can be sure to be very timely with irrigation when it gets dry and we can spoonfeed nitrogen and sulfur to help out and maybe use a bit more as well.

photo (7)

Stubby root was the problem in this field but other nematodes can also cause corn problems like Sting and Southern Root knot ( the kind that affects cotton).

Here’s a link to an excellent UGA publication concerning nematodes.


photo (7)-001

 The grower may want to use a nematicide preplant or at plant the next time corn is grown here.

Here’s a photo showing the plant growth differences you can get in the same field with patches of nematode problems, the roots are greatly affected which leads to the plant size differences.


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