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Canola Harvest

Posted by romeethredge on May 29, 2014

Canola harvest is going on, in fact it’s mostly done now in south Georgia. Growers spray a dessicant on it for quick clean complete harvest. The yield seems to be down somewhat this year, but the crop looks good in quality. It’s a good winter oilseed crop.

_DSC5946-001 _DSC5945


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Question of the Week – Catalpa tree

Posted by romeethredge on May 29, 2014

Last week I had a photo of Catawba tree blooms.

Catalpa bignonioides is the Southern Catalpa. Other common names for this species is common catalpa, Eastern catalpa, Indian cigar, Indian bean, catawba, smoking bean, caterpillar tree, cigar tree, and fish bait tree. The name “catalpa” is the native American name for the tree. Catalpa trees are the only host for the catalpa sphinx moth (Ceratomia catalpae). Some years the large larvae will be heavily parasitized by a hymenopteron – a small wasp.

There’s a lot of discussion about why we don’t get caterpillars on all trees and we don’t have many in deep southwest Georgia at all now. It could be that the parasitic wasp gets them quickly. It could be that there is a naturally occurring disease that wipes them out or some folks say it could be due to insecticide use near them.


We have a good UGA publication about this tree accessible here

This week I have a weed ID question. What is this small plant?





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Peanut Burn

Posted by romeethredge on May 29, 2014

We often get a burn from soil insecticide use in peanuts. This is a sign of the thimet or phorate insecticide moving through the plant. This gives us systemic control of thrips that feed on the plants. I saw this last week and it’s about the worse I’ve seen. Sometimes it seems like a lot of soil moisture at a certain time while plants are very small may make it show up worse. These plants will grow out of it with no problem, but it is startling to see sometimes and it usually isn’t this bad.  We need to be careful not to mistake this for other problems.






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Beef Cattle Conference Coming up

Posted by romeethredge on May 29, 2014

This is the link for more information about this conference.


kFullscreen capture 5212014 61847 PM

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100 Years of Extension

Posted by romeethredge on May 29, 2014

We are celebrating 100 years since we’ve had the Smith – Lever Act, which established America’s system of state Cooperative Extension programs.

Georgia Farm Bureau editor, Jennifer Whittaker, wrote a good article about it you can read at this link.


Fullscreen capture 5222014 50055 PM

Here’s a link to our UGA website concerning this milestone.

Fullscreen capture 5292014 112037 AM

Fullscreen capture 5292014 112436 AM

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Question of the Week – Wood Duck

Posted by romeethredge on May 23, 2014

Last week I had a photo of a wood duck I saw on a country road. Here’s another photo of him. I had lots of correct answers this time. They are beautiful birds.



This week’s question is about this group of blooms I saw this week. What tree belongs to these blooms and what is it good for?



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Corn Really Growing

Posted by romeethredge on May 23, 2014

Sunshine and heat, fertilizer and water and the corn is really growing now. Dennis Jones and Seth Stanaland were here looking at some one week ago and we had these small ears then that you could cut out of the stalk.


photo (7)-001


This week we have tassels emerging and silks showing on some plants. Decatur County agent Justin Ballew is here with some good looking field corn. They are having to water it now due to the heat and dry weather but we are enjoying the sunshine and so is the corn.

_DSC5913 _DSC5914 _DSC5916 _DSC5923 _DSC5926

We have been below the average in terms of heat or Growing Degree Units for our corn. Seth Stanaland sent me this program to calculate heat units that shows data from the Donalsonville weather station and updates as we accumulate heat units.  I can forward it to you if you wish to keep up with it yourself, email me at

We see we have 45 hours less than the norm for this time of year. This is based on Feb 28th planting. The VT (Vegetative Stage Tassel) growth stage prediction it makes is good as we are about there and it’s 2 days from now. This stage is when all the tassel branches are out.

Fullscreen capture 5212014 104602 AM

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Mares eat Oats and Does Eat Oats

Posted by romeethredge on May 23, 2014


Oat harvest is going on now in deep south Georgia.  The yield and quality look pretty good despite the cloudy, rainy wet weather they grew through. Here’s Jim Dozier and his daughter Mary Anna checking out the crop as the combine looms behind them.

Oats are used for a winter forage for cattle and is popular for a cover crop as well.



_DSC5872 _DSC5878 _DSC5882

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Missed Heavy Rains

Posted by romeethredge on May 23, 2014

Fullscreen capture 5162014 105419 AM

We really needed to miss some of last week’s rain and most of Seminole county did dodge the bullet. Thank the good Lord we are able to put more seed in the ground and do field work. We had received more than our share earlier and we are thankful for the sunshine.

Now soils are drying out and we could use a little rainfall.

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Counter Insecticide for Cotton in Georgia

Posted by romeethredge on May 22, 2014

The EPA has granted an emergency use Section 18 for use of COUNTER 20G on cotton for management of nematodes and thrips in Georgia.

Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist, gives these comments:

Please note the label restrictions on the label for use of herbicides.  Of significant concern is the potential for adverse interactions with specific herbicides (see notes on label).  Dr. Culpepper is conducting further studies now to refine the potential for interactions.  As one person associated with the product told me, “We have been super cautious with regards to limiting use of herbicides in conjunction with Counter 20G.”

Unfortunately, we do not have much of the data we would like to have in making recommendations for this product.  I believe that most growers who use COUNTER 20G for nematodes will use a 6.5 lb/A rate.Fullscreen capture 5222014 82132 AM


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