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Packing Rains after Planting

Posted by romeethredge on May 8, 2014

Packing rains of 4 to 5 inches after planting are not a good thing. Then the sun came out and it got hot and we are seeing a good bit of soil crusting and hardness.

Cotton can’t stand much of this and some will have to be replanted. Some was rotary hoed in time and the jury is still out on it. It was impossible to run a rotary hoe in many fields due to wetness. This seedling can’t come through the crust and is just swelling and some are breaking off.

photo (8)

A few are popping through in this field but many cant make it through the crust.

photo (7)

Here’s an excerpt from the UGA Cotton Production guide concerning cotton emergence.

With good soil moisture and warm temperatures at planting, seedlings usually begin to emerge in 5 to 7 days with full stand in 8 to 11 days, but can be delayed or complicated by seedling diseases or rapid moisture depletion.

Physical hazards to establishing stands that occasionally occur during this period include hard soil crusts and blowing sand. The adverse effects of both can be greatly reduced with rotary hoe or rolling cultivator operations. These implements should be operated just deep enough to break the crust. An irrigation of 0.3 to 0.5 inches can be used to soften or weaken a crust and accomplish the same objective.

Timing this operation is critical. If a hard crust is evident when the seed root is 0.6 to 0.75 inches long, it should be broken immediately, being careful not to completely uproot more than 20 to 25 percent of the seedlings. Soil crust strength can be measured with a small pocket penetrometer. Emergence decreases rapidly at soil strengths above 10 psi especially when cotton is planted deeper than 1 inch.




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