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Thrips on Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on May 8, 2014

We are wondering about thrips for 2014? Last year, 2013, was the worst year I have ever seen for late thrips. I was looking at some volunteer peanuts yesterday and they had a lot on them, but keep in mind this plant has zero thrips control. Here’s a photo I took.

photo (7)-001

UGA Extension entomologist, Mark Abney has this report on thrips.

The big question for insects in May is what thrips populations will do over the next few weeks. After a cool wet spring in 2013 that saw much higher than normal tobacco thrips pressure in peanut, folks are understandably concerned that 2014 could be a repeat of last year.

We are currently monitoring thrips dispersal using sticky traps at six locations in South Georgia (Tift, Worth, Mitchell, Decatur, Brooks, and Colquitt Counties). Traps have been in the field since mid-March, and captures have been low. We did see a slight uptick in thrips numbers the last week in April; this increase corresponded with the predicted time of dispersal of third generation tobacco thrips.

It is still too early to predict the size of the fourth generation of thrips that could infest peanut in the latter half of May. Growers will need to keep a close eye on fields to determine the level of thrips activity and make appropriate management decisions.

Thrips trap capture data are posted each week on a new UGA Peanut Entomology blog that can be found at Traps are collected on Wednesday, and data are posted the following Thursday.



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