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Northern Corn leaf Spot not Blight

Posted by romeethredge on May 14, 2014

Northern Corn leaf Spot (NCLS) not Blight (NCLB) has also been found in corn fields in Seminole and Irwin Counties. It doesn’t seem to be nearly as bad as NCLB, but we are watching it. It usually has a smaller lesion and you see concentric markings or bands in the lesion.

If you have questionable lesions on corn leaves, we can look at it under the microscope to see what it is.  Bring it by the Extension office.


UGA Plant pathologist, Bob Kemerait, says  “The first time I observed Northern corn leaf spot (Bipolaris zeicola) was last season.  Note: Northern corn leaf spot is DIFFERENT than Northern corn leaf blight.

I do not have any data on the use of (or need for) fungicides in the management of northern corn leaf spot.  In discussions with Dr. Dewey Lee, we are both uncomfortable with reports of this disease this early.  Although I do not have recommendations for use of fungicides on this disease, growers need to be aware that it is active in the state.  Also, I believe that growers should assess the development of this disease and may consider use of fungicides IF development and spread seems to occur in the field.  Again, at this time we do not have recommendations for northern corn leaf spot.”

photo (7)-004



_DSC4560-001 _DSC4557

2 Responses to “Northern Corn leaf Spot not Blight”

  1. Kevin Phillips said

    From what I have seen of the northern corn leaf spot, it mostly appears on the lower V4,5,6,7, and maybe 8 leaves and lower.

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