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LeafMiners in Corn

Posted by romeethredge on May 16, 2014

Leaf miners are pretty bad in corn right now. The fly like adult lays an egg on the corn leaf and the young hatches out and feeds in between the layers of the leaf. It’s almost never bad enough to hurt yields we don’t believe but they may slow growth on young plants. See the larvae below that crop consultant, Dr. Howard Small, dug out of these plants.

UGA Extension entomologist, David Buntin says, ” We have ‘bad’ years for corn blotch leafminers every so often.   Usually corn leaf miner looks bad but if you think of it as defoliation, corn in the whorl stage can tolerate considerable defoliation.  By the time mines are fully developed they are on lower leaves which affects growth less.   It is considered to almost never cause economic losses but damage of more than 30% leaf area might affect corn growth.”

Here is a web article from UFL that describes the biology and damage.




_DSC5176 _DSC5172 _DSC5169


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