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Thrips and Weeds in Cotton

Posted by romeethredge on May 16, 2014

We are seeing some thrips in cotton.  Some I looked at today was 19 days old and it had numerous thrips on each plant and some were not winged, meaning they were immatures and therefore reproducing is going on in the field. It’s about time for seed treatment thrips control to be running out. It’s time for the post 1 weed control application anyway, a little past time since the cotton is beginning to get its 2nd true leaf and we would like to have our post 1 herbicide application out at 13 to 16 days after planting.

Consultants Wes Briggs from here and Scott Brown, near Moultrie, reports thrips pressure is variable between fields so good scouting is needed if you don’t make automatic sprays .  All the rain could be diluting our controls and making this situation worse.

Here’s a photo of the 19 day old cotton with a young pigweed and thrips damage. So it’s time to control both. In looking at the field from the edge it looks like nothing is amiss, when in fact we need herbicide and insecticide here. All the rain has likely diluted our herbicides as well.

Dr. Culpepper and Dr. Roberts, UGA Scientists, have a good plan to just go on days after planting and we would go with the Post 1 application at 13 to 16 days after planting. It would have worked well in this field but weather and field wetness kept them out of it until now anyway.

In Dr.Roberts and Toews’ thrips publication they say “Unless frequent and thorough scouting reveals thrips populations are below the threshold of “2-3 thrips per plant with immatures present”, a foliar thrips systemic insecticide should be applied at the 1-leaf stage in conventional tilled fields planted prior to May 10 when a NST(seed treatment) is used. ” Here’s a link to that publication.



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