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Corn Really Growing

Posted by romeethredge on May 23, 2014

Sunshine and heat, fertilizer and water and the corn is really growing now. Dennis Jones and Seth Stanaland were here looking at some one week ago and we had these small ears then that you could cut out of the stalk.


photo (7)-001


This week we have tassels emerging and silks showing on some plants. Decatur County agent Justin Ballew is here with some good looking field corn. They are having to water it now due to the heat and dry weather but we are enjoying the sunshine and so is the corn.

_DSC5913 _DSC5914 _DSC5916 _DSC5923 _DSC5926

We have been below the average in terms of heat or Growing Degree Units for our corn. Seth Stanaland sent me this program to calculate heat units that shows data from the Donalsonville weather station and updates as we accumulate heat units.  I can forward it to you if you wish to keep up with it yourself, email me at

We see we have 45 hours less than the norm for this time of year. This is based on Feb 28th planting. The VT (Vegetative Stage Tassel) growth stage prediction it makes is good as we are about there and it’s 2 days from now. This stage is when all the tassel branches are out.

Fullscreen capture 5212014 104602 AM

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