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Southern Rust found in 2014 also Stink Bugs on the increase

Posted by romeethredge on June 4, 2014

Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA Extension Plant Pathologist, reports 2 cases of Southern Rust found this week. Early county (Agent Brian Cresswell) Georgia near Damascus and just below the Echols County Georgia (Agent Justin Shealey) line in Florida.

Damascus find is thanks to the cooperative efforts between UGA Extension and our friend with Pioneer, Dennis Jones.

Here’s an update: 6-5-14 Southern Rust found also in Seminole and Miller Counties today.

6-6-14 update: I found southern rust in 2 more Seminole county corn fields today.

 Here are some photos of the southern rust  from the sample from Damascus. It seems to just be getting started.

 dennis rust3 dennis rust4

Here are Bob’s points to consider:

 “SOUTHERN CORN RUST is early this year.

Currently, southern rust likely is a threat to corn across the southern part of Georgia.

 Southern corn rust is our most important disease of corn.

 Rain is back in the forecast for late this weekend; early next week, which will be favorable for development of rust.

  I think that corn that is approaching (or has passed) the tassel growth stage is worth protecting if the yield potential is there…..  I generally would wait to spray for southern rust until your crop is approaching tassel.

 Triazole fungicides (like tebuconazole) are effective against rust (but lack the broader activity against northern corn leaf blight) and have a two week protective window.  Strobilurin products and combination strobilurin/triazole of strobilurin/SDHI (Priaxor) have 3 week protective intervals and also a broader spectrum of activity.

 Northern corn leaf blight is generally in check this year…”


Also, stink bug populations are increasing in field corn so especially if you are about to spray a fungicide , I would check for stink bugs. I saw several this morning. Mostly brown stink bugs are being found. Browns are harder to kill so the high rate of bifenthrin needs to be used to control them.

We have just harvested wheat and other small grains and stink bugs may be moving out of these areas and tree lines as well into field borders.

See below where I found 2 on one ear this morning on some of our oldest corn.

_DSC6482 _DSC6480



2 Responses to “Southern Rust found in 2014 also Stink Bugs on the increase”

  1. Kevin Phillips said

    Rome, thanks for reporting. I can find southern rust in virtually every field I walk into. I found some in Montgomery county yesterday and more fields here in ben hill and Irwin counties. I got a picture from a friend in east Ga that has rust too. I am assuming that rust is pretty much covering the state.

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