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Question of the Week – Cypressvine Morninglory

Posted by romeethredge on June 19, 2014

Last week I had a weed ID question and it was Cypressvine morninglory I had in my fingers. The other weed was Smallflower morninglory seedlings.

It’s important to know the difference due to some herbicides not being very good on certain types of morninglories.  Smallflower is not an Ipomea type so some herbicides that control the others won’t control it and vice versa.

Here’s some climbing up a corn stalk. When it blooms it has a brilliant red flower.


This week I have a question about the weeds in these young peanuts. Why do some of the row ends have pigweeds and do some not have any? What’s going on?






One Response to “Question of the Week – Cypressvine Morninglory”

  1. bs said

    Probably where the boom spraying it got shut off.

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