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Question of the Week – Sprayer attached to Planters

Posted by romeethredge on June 27, 2014

Last week I had a photo of terrible pigweed and other weeds at the edge of a peanut field. And it was in an unusual pattern – for 6 rows control extended past the planted peanuts and the next 6 rows were weedy even where there were peanuts. Well, I had many correct answers.

The preemergence weed sprayer was mounted on the planters and when the tractor was headed in one direction the planter stopped and the sprayer cut off before the end of the field, when the tractor turned around to go the other way the spray was cut on and extended further from the field’s edge.

It’s makes you feel good about the control the grower is getting from the herbicides. (In this case it was Valor and Sonolan.)



This week I have a snake ID question for you. I got a photo of a snake sent to me yesterday for identification and here’s the photo. What is it and is it dangerous to people? Bonus points if you quote the poem about it.



5 Responses to “Question of the Week – Sprayer attached to Planters”

  1. Ward Trulock said

    coral snake

  2. Josh Thompson said

    King snake… red on yellow, kills a fellow

  3. That is a scarlet King Snake not a coral snake.
    Red and Yellow kill a fellow red and black friendly jack


  4. Steve Stevenson said

    This is a scarlet king snake and it is harmless to humans. The way you can identify it separately from a coral snake is with the coloration sequence. “when red touches yellow it can kill a fellow, when red touches black it’s a friend of Jack”.

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