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Hot Weather – Normal Rainfall Expected in July

Posted by romeethredge on July 3, 2014

It was a hot week, over 95 degrees for 5 days. Load control was implemented yesterday for the first time this year on EMC supplied irrigation systems where growers chose to have lower electricity rates with the agreement that they will be remotely shut down on days when the power demand load is expected to be very high. Often it seems to be the result of hot days in Atlanta. Systems are shut off at 3 pm  and back on at 8 pm.

 Evapotranspiration rates here have been over 2 tenths of an inch on most days this week with a total this past week of 1.53 inches evaporated and used by plants (potential evapotranspiration).

Here’s some good weather and climate info below from Pam Knox, UGA. and here’s a link to her blog.

Fullscreen capture 732014 81527 AM


“Temperatures in Georgia during June were near to slightly above normal for the entire state, but rainfall amounts varied significantly across Georgia this month. In general, the wettest conditions were in the northwest corner of the state and the driest conditions were in the southwest. Severe weather, mainly scattered wind events, impacted the state on 21 days in June.

July has an increased chance of warmer than normal temperatures but equal chances for above, near or below normal rainfall.

It was a hazy day yesterday due to Saharan dust. “

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