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Soybeans – Kudzu bugs

Posted by romeethredge on July 18, 2014

We are seeing good numbers of kudzu bugs in soybeans now. Folks are asking what to do.

We don’t need to treat until the second generation in soybeans. In other words we need to wait until we see the young fuzzy nymphs before we treat them. This is usually when we have young pods on the plants.

 If you go by a patch of Kudzu, you can see all phases of bugs now, nymphs, eggs and adults. The second generation on Kudzu has moved to soybeans in many fields.

Here’s a link back to a comprehensive Kudzu bug post I made a while back.

UGA Photo by Russ Ottens

Kudzu bug


Here’s Jim Dozier in some of his soybeans we recently looked at. They had a few foliage feeders but nothing bad enough to treat.




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