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4-H Camp

Posted by romeethredge on July 23, 2014

 We had a good week at 4-H Camp a couple of weeks back and we learned a lot. We were at Camp Fortson, just south of Atlanta. Georgia has 5 camps across the state that stay busy with all kinds of good programs.

The week at Summer camp is educational and fun. We had several classes concerning the natural world around us. Here below we were in a great Herpetology class to learn and touch lots of reptiles and amphibians.

Did you know that there are 85 reptiles and 87 amphibians in Georgia?






Here’s a friendly corn snake.



And a Gopher Tortoise, as all turtles has 13 scutes on his back? You can see 9 of them here, with the other 4 on the other side.



How about some fun with Wet games? The giant slip and slide is always a hit.


2 Responses to “4-H Camp”

  1. Jennifer Whittaker said

    Great pics! 4-H Camp is a great program!

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