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Peanut Achievement Club 2013

Posted by romeethredge on August 23, 2014

Last month we had the honor to attend the Southern Peanut Growers Conference in Panama City Beach, FL where Seminole County had  winners in the 2013 Georgia Peanut Achievement Club.  This club represents the highest yielding peanut growers in the state in four districts.

Eddie Miller Jr. had the highest yield in his acreage category in our district with 6,949 pounds on 588 acres. What a great peanut yield!

Here’s Eddie and I and our wives, Suzanne and Karen.



Winners from across the state were:

Highest Yield in State – 100-300 acres

Brent Brown from Ben Hill County with 6,752 pounds on 199 acres.

Highest Yield in State – 300 plus acres

Phillip Grimes from Tift County with 7,084 on 592 acres.

District I Winners:

300-699 acreage category – Al Sudderth from Calhoun County with 6,508 pounds on 460 acres

700 plus acreage category – Jimmy Webb from Calhoun County with 6,533 on 859 acres

District II winners:

300-699.9 acres – Eddie Miller, Jr.  from Seminole County with 6,949 pounds on 588 acres.

700 plus acres – Jerry and Jeff Heard Farms from Baker County with 6,011 pounds on 824 acres.

District III winners:

300-699.9 acres – Hulin Reeves from Ben Hill County with 6,610 pounds on 539 acres.

700 plus acres – Ken Hall Farms, Inc. form Worth County with 5,166 pounds on 858 acres.

District IV winners:

300-699.9 acres – Art Dorminy from Irwin County with 6,007 ponds on 340 acres.

700 plus acres – Wayne Sayer from Irwin County with 5,206 pounds on 701 acres.



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