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Peanut Maturity

Posted by romeethredge on August 23, 2014

Some irrigated peanuts are approaching maturity, but not many. We didn’t have many fields planted in early April this year due to it being very wet and cool. I had samples from a few fields brought in this week from some of these early to mid April planted fields.

There’s really no reason to sample fields to test for maturity until they are 125 days old or so with the current varieties we have. Here’s a chart showing a lot of our varieties, which will mostly be ready to dig around the 135 to 145 day range. There’s a lot of variability in this and that is why we do the peanut maturity checks or “Hull scrapes”

Remember if you are collecting peanuts for a sample to get a good representative sample of the field, plants from several spots, but no bottoms or diseased or skippy areas. We need about 200 nuts, and all the nuts need to be pulled from the vines except the tiny ones.

The “Days between Dates” App is a good way to check the age of peanuts on your smart phone when you have the planting dates.

Fullscreen capture 8232014 104844 AM



We have very limited experience with this year’s crop but most of what I saw this week, only 7 samples, shows the maturity of these earliest peanuts to be projected to be around 150 days of age or so. I looked at Ga 06G’s and Florun 107’s.

photo (7)


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