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Question of the Week – Purple Nutsedge

Posted by romeethredge on August 23, 2014

Last week I asked about a peanut field weed and what it is and why wasn’t it controlled. Well the weed is purple nutsedge. It is similar to the more common Yellow nutsedge but it often is a darker green and is a stockier plant. It also has the purple seedhead and there’s a difference in the leaf tips. Also if you dig up the nuts they produce, the yellow nutsedge tubers are good but the purple ones taste terrible.

The second part of the question was why wasn’t it controlled when a good sedge herbicide was sprayed in this field? Well the herbicide Basagran works very well on Yellow nutsedge but it’s not good on this particular  purple type sedge, so it survived when all its cousins were taken out. The same goes for Dual preemergence herbicide, it works well on yellow, preemergence, but not on purple.


OK, this week I have an insect ID question for you.

What is this caterpillar I was asked to identify this week? It’s big and 2 inches long.



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