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Dry Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on August 27, 2014

Dryland peanuts have had it rough this year. There have been very spotty rains and some areas have been very dry.  We have some fields that will likely yield quite low due to the weather and what it brings on. When we have weather like this we tend to have more problems with Lesser Cornstalk borers (LCB) and spidermites.  We’ve also seen some pod splitting in fields where it was dry for a long time and then a big 2 inch rain comes and some of the pods split open.


Here’s some of the dry… then wet pod splitting.

_DSC8138 _DSC8135


Lessers have been the worst I’ve seen in a long time this year. They will bore into peanut pods like in photo, and will kill stems as well.







One Response to “Dry Peanuts”

  1. […] The recent dry conditions have produced a number of negative impacts on agriculture in the Southeast.  Rome Ethredge noted in his Seminole Crop E-News blog that dryland peanuts have taken quite a hit with very spotty rains in some areas.  He noted that decreased yields are likely in the driest fields.  There have been increases in pest pressure as well as some pod splitting where dry conditions were followed by a heavy rain.  You can read his blog and see some pictures here. […]

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