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Posted by romeethredge on September 19, 2014

This is unfortunately what we are seeing a good bit of now in out cotton, boll rot and hard lock. We have been having lots of wet rainy conditions during boll opening and it’s not good.

photo (7)-003


We had a good sunny day today that was good for cotton and peanuts that are awaiting harvest.

I sent a text to Wes Briggs, local consultant and this was his response.

Fullscreen capture 9192014 81052 AM

We have not yet defoliated a lot of cotton but we will spray some pretty good acreage next week. Here’s some below that I was checking today that had good mature bolls to the top so they will “knock the leaves off” soon.  There’s some very good defoliation advice in the UGA Cotton Production Guide on page 65 at this link



photo (7)-002



There have been a few dryland fields sprayed and picked this week. The yields have been low due top the dry conditions this summer.



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