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Question of the Week – Lightning

Posted by romeethredge on September 19, 2014

Yes, the pine trees got struck by lightning and the bark and cambium busted as the lightning ran to the ground. They will likely die in the near future.  These were at the edge of an open field. That’s why we shouldn’t take shelter under trees during a thunderstorm, especially when they are the tallest thing around.



I heard of a tractor that was struck as it sat under a barn in the same storm. It had a disk harrow attached that was down into the ground behind it, grounding it. The farmer came by the next day and noticed the tractor lights were on and when he checked, the light switch was off. Then he noticed that it wouldn’t crank and lightning did a lot of damage to the electrical circuits.

Would the lightning have affected it as badly if it were just sitting on its rubber tires with no implement in the dirt?

This week I have a question about these peanuts. Why are they so dark and can you tell what variety they are?


photo (7)



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