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Rain at the right time ?

Posted by romeethredge on September 19, 2014

We never seem to be happy about when the rain comes, and it rains on the just and the unjust, the Bible says.

Many folks are saying that we didn’t get rain at the right time this year for many purposes. We are now getting rain when we need it to be drier for cotton opening and peanut harvest. We didn’t get much during the hot summer when it would have helped crop growth. We got too much during the spring and that kept it too wet to prepare for planting and to plant timely in some cases.

Last year (2013), we got lots during crop growth and we made good peanuts in most cases but corn and cotton were off in irrigated fields.

We are never more than 3 days from an agricultural drought on sandy soils so that makes things tough and dryland crops had a difficult summer in most areas.

I was looking at the rain records in Donalsonville and wanted to point out some interesting things. Talk about one extreme following another!


This first chart shows the rainfall from May 1 to Sept 1, that’s 4 months or about 120 days. During that time this year we got 10 inches of rain, when the norm is twice that. Remember last year? We got 4 times the norm during those months.

Fullscreen capture 9182014 92742 AM-001


Now, let’s look at the past couple of weeks. September 2 through September 17, that’s 16 days or half a month and we got about the same rainfall during that time as the previous 4 months. It’s good for the groundwater, maybe good for Apalachicola Oysters downriver, but not good for opening cotton, and not good for peanut harvest. No use in fussin’ about it but this is just an example of how the farmer is at the mercy of the weather.


Fullscreen capture 9182014 92836 AM-001




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