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Cotton Nematodes

Posted by romeethredge on September 26, 2014

Cotton is affected by plant parasitic nematodes. We see it here worse in sandy soils as we have the Southern Root Knot that affects cotton and corn but not peanuts. It’s a different one that causes peanut problems.

I’m seeing some now in many fields, Decatur county Ag Agent Justin Ballew and I found this affected area this week in southern, sandy, Seminole county. To see the root galling in cotton you often need a shovel as the small roots come off if you just pull up the plants. Its the time of year to scout cotton fields for this pest so you can take action the next time cotton is planted there.  This nematode can also affect corn so that will need to be taken into consideration as well.

Here’s some affected cotton and you can see the root galling and leaf symptoms, the early loss of leaves and stunted cotton plants.

_DSC8541 _DSC8539 _DSC8534 _DSC8533

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  1. […] of Georgia, Rome Etheridge, recently shared a post on  Seminole Crops E-News about both cotton and peanuts with nematode problems. Perhaps I haven’t looked closely enough at the cotton, […]

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