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Lifting, Reshaking, Fluffing

Posted by romeethredge on October 3, 2014

These are words I’ve heard a lot this week; “Lifting”,” Reshaking”, “Fluffing”; and I didn’t hear them at a plastic surgeon’s office, it was in peanut fields.

After we dug some peanuts we had rainfall and cloudy days and so to help dry them out to get them ready to be picked a little quicker, we often reshake them. This equipment basically lifts the vines from the ground, breaking the contact with the wet soil and loosens some soil and dirt from the peanuts.


Justin Burke was here recently fluffing these Florun 107 peanuts.






Here’s the rear view.


One Response to “Lifting, Reshaking, Fluffing”

  1. […] Like most others we are a little behind in peanut harvest due to early season rains and now current weather conditions.  Irrigated peanuts are okay and even some dryland fields are having good yield reports. The driest part of the county is the northwest corner where spider mites have also been an issue. There have been some issues with grade where peanuts had rain after being dug and having a hard time drying back out. Here is a good post by Seminole Agent Rome Ethredge on Lifting, Reshaking, Fluffing. […]

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