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Sunbelt Expo 2014, Oct 14 – 16

Posted by romeethredge on October 8, 2014

 It’s Expo time again in Moultrie Georgia and I remember my first trip there when I was a freshman at ABAC in 1981. Now my son is an ABAC freshman and I’m still learning at the Expo.  There are new things at the Expo every year and I was looking at the program and this year is no different. They will have UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) demonstrations for the first time this year. Go by the UGA Building for sure while you are there; there’s always something new to learn about and see there.

This link  below should take you to this year’s program. Which has lots of good articles including info about ABAC’s Scavenger hunt and an article about Dr. Ron Jones’ retirement as longtime member of the Expo Board of Directors.

photo (2)

Also there’s a great App for downloading to your smartphone to supply you with info about the Expo and when things are and where you are.

Here’s a link to a video about how to download it and what it will do.

(Video) How to plan Sunbelt Expo trip with digital ease

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