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Oat Planting

Posted by romeethredge on October 16, 2014

We’ve been talking about oats for grain. It’s too early to plant it now if you want to harvest the grain. Some folks want to grow some for seed for the following year. We need to wait until close to Thanksgiving for that because if we plant it too early the heads will shoot up when we will be having some hard cold and they will be damaged.

Of course lots of oats are being planted now for grazing and that is fine. We had problems with caterpillars and seedling disease in the past few weeks but we are hopefully past  the worst of that now.

Here’s a good UGA publication available on the web concerning Southern Small Grains  and it has a good section concerning Oats with the following valuable planting  chart.

Fullscreen capture 10162014 102754 AM Fullscreen capture 10162014 102721 AM Fullscreen capture 10162014 102702 AM

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