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Frosted Peanuts

Posted by romeethredge on November 7, 2014

We had 3 frosts recently with temperatures nearing freezing on one day. There were a few peanut fields not yet dug but we may as well dig them now. We had 3 mornings in a row with temperatures in the 30’s, so peanuts are effectively shut down at this point.  Also we had a good bit of frost damage to the leaves in many fields. One thing we noticed was that in some fields we had damage in the lower areas of the field and not much damage on the hill, so the cold settled in the bottoms.

We want to be careful not to dig peanuts just ahead of freezing temperatures, due to the fact that they have moisture in them just after digging and can be damaged by the cold.

UGA Extension Scientist Scott Montfort says, “We do not want them to dig within two to three days of a frost or freezing temps.”

photo (3)-001

photo (4)-001

photo (3)-003


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