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Wheat Planting & Cultural Practices

Posted by romeethredge on November 7, 2014

Here’s some good Wheat Production information from Andrew Sawyer’s blog.

Thomas County Ag

Here are some cultural, and planting decisions to consider when planting wheat. I compiled some of the notes taken at our Area Wheat Update with UGA Extension Agronomist Dr. Dewey Lee:

  1. Deep tillage – Wheat reponds well to deep tillage because it has a low tolerance for low oxygen. Prepare soils with a V-ripper, chisel plow, paraplow or subsoiler. Simple disking is not as effective as deep tillage but is preferred over no-tilling.
  2. Plant high yielding, pest resistant varieties – Refer to my post on 2014 Grain Varieties. Spread risks by planting at least 3 varieties in a field.
  3. Seeding rate – In a drill, plant 22 to 25 seeds/row foot (7.5. inch drill width). This is equivalent to 30-35 seeds per square foot. Wheat emerges best when planted 1 to 1.5 inches depth. Yields from drilling wheat tend to be 7-8% higher than broadcast. If broadcasting wheat, calibrate equipment…

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