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Cotton Market

Posted by romeethredge on November 14, 2014

Here’s an excerpt from an article by Paul Hollis of Farm Press. Click here for complete article Four things you need to know about the cotton market. Dr. Don Shurley, UGA Ag Economist has some insightful info.

“No. 1, China holds 60-some-odd percent of the total cotton stocks in the world,” said Shurley during the Southern Region Outlook Conference in Atlanta held in September.

“No. 2, cotton acreage in the U.S. has trended down. We’re up this year, largely due to 80-cent cotton last spring. But acreage has been down due to competition from corn and soybeans.”

No. 3, he continues, is that the demand for cotton is down. “We went through a brief time period when we had $1 to $1.50 cotton, and the demand for cotton took a big hit. We’ve started to make some strides back up, but I don’t know if we’ll ever get where we used to be,” he says.

The last major thing, says Shurley, is that the new farm bill has PLC and ARC payments for all major row crops except for cotton.”

Here’s Dr. Shurley’s latest cotton report. Fullscreen capture 11142014 110142 AM

Fullscreen capture 11142014 110150 AM






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