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Grass Carp – Good time to put them in ponds

Posted by romeethredge on November 21, 2014

Dr. Gary Burtle, UGA aquaculture scientist, says that, “Now is a great time to stock grass carp.  They are cool water fish and will eat weeds during the Georgia winter.  Then when weed growth begins in late February, they will be present to eat new growth.”

If you have pond weeds, a good way to help control them is to stock Grass Carp in your pond. They don’t like all weeds but they do a pretty good job on a lot of weeds.

Fullscreen capture 11212014 91232 AM

Here’s a link to a good UGA publication concerning Grass Carp.

Here are some slides and photos provided by Dr. Burtle.

Fullscreen capture 11192014 105516 AM Fullscreen capture 11192014 105510 AM Fullscreen capture 11192014 105501 AM


These carp weigh  about one pound and are what we mainly want to go with when putting them into a pond that already has fish in it. If we put small fish in then they will often be eaten by bass in the pond.


Grass carp in tank 1

Photo: Gary Burtle

One pound grass carp 1

Photo: Gary Burtle

Fullscreen capture 11192014 105450 AM


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