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Cotton for 2015?

Posted by romeethredge on November 25, 2014

We are getting more questions about cotton prices for the 2015 crop.

Dr. Don Shurley, UGA Ag Economist says, “Prices will improve when stocks and supply and demand get in closer balance. This requires a reduction in acreage and production due to low prices and/or improved demand also due to low prices.

Prices will not stay at these levels very long—because the supply side will retract and this, assuming demand remains solid or improves, should eventually pull prices back up.

Will we see 80-cent cotton for 2015? Not likely. Will prices stay in the low 60’s? Not likely. If I were a cotton grower, I’d be looking at 70 cents. Is that profitable? No. But, it’s 10% better than where we are now and hopefully we’ll do a bit better.”

Here’s a link to the full update.

Cotton Marketing News 11-24-14



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