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Cotton in the short rows

Posted by romeethredge on November 25, 2014

Many folks are very Thankful this week for many reasons. One of them is that we are getting close to being through with harvest. Several folks are done with cotton and ultra late soybean harvest. More are almost through.

Judson Hornsby and his daughter Allee of Double H Farms are thankful and proud to stand by one of the last round modules the farm will pack this year.  Judson says they got all the irrigated cotton picked and only have one dryland field left. I talked to several growers that were finishing up picking cotton last week ahead of the rain.  We have had good harvest weather this year and the gin yards are full of seed cotton waiting to be ginned._DSC9803-001

Yields have been variable on cotton but mostly good. We had 2 weeks in early September which rotted cotton and caused a lot of cotton bolls to not open properly. Cotton that wasn’t opening during this time frame and had enough rainfall  did well.  Gin turn out has been very high this year. (Turnout is the percent fiber that you have when the cotton is ginned.)


Here’s Miller County Agent Brock Ward as he and I were admiring some good cotton before the rains.

photo (3)



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