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Cattle Rustlin’ going on

Posted by romeethredge on December 11, 2014

The high cattle prices are tempting cowardly cattle rustlers. This warning  below was released by the Ga Cattlemen’s association.  It helps to know their modus operandi.


“We want to make everyone aware that we (Ga Cattlemen’s Association) have been contacted by the Sheriff of Barrow County (it’s between Atlanta and Athens) today. He has had cattle stolen from farms in his area as well as cattle trailers. They are working with the Sheriffs in surrounding counties to catch the thieves. These guys are using catch pens to put the cattle in, then feeding them for a couple of days, backing up the cattle trailer to the fence, cutting the fence and the cattle are loading easily.

As you well know, cattle prices are great and just a few cattle stolen can cost you greatly. We have seen this on the news for lots of states recently. We want to let everyone know that this is happening in Georgia. Please contact your local Sheriff’s office if you see anything suspicious. Monitor everything on your farm. If you see feed that you didn’t put out or the cattle around the catch pens then report it – report everything suspicious. If we all work together and look out for one another this can be stopped!


Georgia Cattlemen’s Association”

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