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Georgia Winter Climate Outlook – weak El Nino

Posted by romeethredge on December 11, 2014

Hey, it was a cool November … here’s some ice on a mud puddle in Donalsonville on November 19th when the temperature got down to 22.8 degrees F.

photo (3)

NOAA reports that it was the 2nd coldest November since 1895 for Alabama and Mississippi and the 4th coldest on record for Georgia.

Fullscreen capture 12112014 110517 AM

According to the outlook below it may be another cold winter.

Winter Weather Outlook by Pam Knox, Agricultural Climatologist, UGA Crop and Soil Sciences.

In the coming months, the climate is expected to be affected by the development of a weak El Nino, which has been brewing in the eastern Pacific Ocean for the last few months. Although an El Nino has not been officially declared yet, a weak event is expected to develop in the next couple of months.

Typically with a weak El Nino, southern Georgia experiences a cooler and wetter winter than usual. This year there is a 66 percent chance of seeing El Nino return. This would allow a reduction or even removal of the drought designation in southern Georgia and would recharge soil moisture across the area.

In northern Georgia, weak El Ninos do not have much of an effect and other factors become more important.

This year climatologists consider that we may see a continuation of the weather pattern that has dominated the climate for most of 2014, with a ridge of high pressure and temperature in the western US and a trough of low pressure and cool air out of Canada in the east.

This could lead to a relatively cool winter for us, although most climatologists don’t expect to see a winter like last year. It will be interesting to see which weather pattern dominates in this coming winter.

To get updates on climate conditions, please visit her blog .


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