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Wheat Weed Control

Posted by romeethredge on December 23, 2014

Now’s the time for all good……. no that’s a different story.  I meant to say now’s the time to treat wheat for weeds; I’m talking about wild radish mostly. If you need to treat for ryegrass it’s getting late. We often wait later but we will get a better job done by spraying earlier when weeds are small, especially on early planted wheat.

We do need two tillers and a Harmony Extra and MCPA mix works very well. We want to make sure we have 2 tillers per plant before using this herbicide mix however. Later planted fields don’t have enough tillers yet to be sprayed.

Now is also when we need to be looking for aphids, and we can put something in to control them if necessary. They do direct feeding damage and can transmit Barley Yellow dwarf disease.

Here’s a new Wheat Weed Control guide.

Fullscreen capture 12152014 110726 AM-001

Fullscreen capture 12152014 110734 AM-001


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