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Good Time To Control Japanese Fern & Chinese Privet

Posted by romeethredge on January 6, 2015

My fellow agent in Thomas County, Andrew Sawyer, reminds us about control of some invasive weeds.

Thomas County Ag

UGA Extension Forestry Specialists Dr. David Moorhead and Dr. David Dickens say now is a good time to control some invasive weeds with foliar sprays. Our main treatment options are foliar, basal, cut surface or injection. This time of the year, a foliar treatment is a good option.

Chinese Privet - UGA Chinese Privet – UGA

Chinese privet seed soil viability is only one year, so where we see it, it is really dispersed by birds. Basal treatments of privet can be difficult because of number of branches. Dr. David Dickens says dormant-season treatments of privet with glyphosate at 3-5% solutions provide effective control with little non-target impacts. Anything over 5% is not economical. This is a foliar spray. Since glyphosate has no soil activity, it is safe for non-target plants. The greatest non-target impacts (discovered) were to sedges and winter-green species. If privet is next to woods, some grass could be damaged if it is not dormant. Direct sprays are…

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