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Question of the Week – Stinkhorn

Posted by romeethredge on January 8, 2015

To answer the question last week , my fellow county agent in Coffee county, Mark von Waldner said, “Stink horn mushroom. Seen them occasionally from clients in wooded areas usually. They stink, but are colorful.” This one is likely the Column Stinkhorn.


Yes, the Stink horn mushroom lives up to its name with a bad smell that attracts insects to it that will spread the spores elsewhere so that it can reproduce. They are odd looking and sometimes appear in yards after wet periods. Click here to link to a UGA article concerning mushrooms in yards. Click here for a UGA Urban Ag Mushroom article.


This week’s question is about a dam and a waterway. I’m just below a dam here. What dam is this and what river is it? This photo was taken a couple of months ago.


2 Responses to “Question of the Week – Stinkhorn”

  1. Bobby Bass said

    Looks like the Dam on Seed Lake.

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