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Ga District 1- Outstanding Peanut Farmer of the Year – Wayne Carr

Posted by romeethredge on February 2, 2015

The Georgia Peanut Commission and Agri Supply presented the Outstanding Georgia Peanut Farmer of the Year Award to individuals representing each of the commission’s five districts. Winners were: District 1 – Wayne Carr, Donalsonville, District 2 – Ralph Underwood, Moultrie, District 3 – Olin Boyd, Sylvania, District 4 – James Warbington, Vienna and District 5 – Jimmy Curry, Shellman. These farmers received a sign to display at their farm and a $100 gift card from Agri Supply. The GPC started this award to honor farmers each year who have the passion, diligence, leadership and desire to see the peanut industry in the state of Georgia continue to be the highest quality.

Here’s Mr Wayne recieving his award from Peanut Commission Director for District 1, Tim Burch.


Mr. Wayne said  he thought maybe they had made a mistake and meant to name him the “Oldest Standing farmer” as he is now 87 years old and this will be his 66th crop.

In the spring of 1927 his father got a new boy and a new Model T and this was during the depression and that fall the take-back man took the car, but the family was stuck with the new boy, according to Mr. Wayne, one of 12 children.

His father was a sharecropper and he says all he thought about as a boy was getting his own land to farm. He sharecropped some himself and then bought the 100 acres he now lives on in 1952 for $5,500. That’s for the whole acreage, not per acre. He bought his first tractor in 1950 for $1,460, an 8N Ford that was about 23 horsepower. Today, he has a 285 horsepower tractor that cost a little more.

He’s grown a lot of peanuts and the only year the crop didn’t make was 1954, a great drought year. I remember my Grandfather Frank Ethredge told me he could walk across the Flint River easily that year at Bainbridge. Yields were lower in the early years and he remembers the first year he made a ton per acre in 1955, the year after the terrible drought year.

He says he’s always enjoyed farming and he’s not done yet.

Mr. Wayne is a supporter of County Extension and calls us for information about crop production and pest control. He is a  supporter of 4-H and donates to our Livestock projects to help the young people. He is active in the community, he’s an active member of the Donalsonville Lions Club.

I spoke with his peanut scout, Jimmy Miller who has been scouting for him for over 30 years. Jimmy says he has a lot of willpower and stamina. He’s always positive and will often say, “We gone do better next time,” in looking forward to a new crop year.

Congratulations to Mr. Wayne on this well deserved award.


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