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Corn Weeds in 2015

Posted by romeethredge on February 26, 2015

Today at our weeed meeting Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA Weed Scientist, gave us some good pointers.

First, we need to start clean of pigweed, especially.

Fullscreen capture 2262015 52507 PMFullscreen capture 2262015 52514 PM


We need to use some sort of preemergence and then come in early with Atrazine plus another weed killer, as shown here.

Fullscreen capture 2262015 53138 PM

We need to get on our post emergent herbicides early because we can hurt corn yields by being late.

Fullscreen capture 2262015 52720 PM

I hate to see a mess like this in the spray tank. We need to be careful when mixing a lot of products and pre-slurry dry products in water.  Also do a jar test or contact your County agent about getting him to use his test kit for unusual mixes. Fullscreen capture 2262015 52756 PM

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  1. Ooo this is good. I may use this from you.

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