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Mayhaws Blooming

Posted by romeethredge on March 4, 2015

Great article here about Mayhaws by Andrew Sawyer.

Thomas County Ag

MayhawsBlooming2015 (2)

Our mayhaws have been blooming for probably two weeks now. Here are some in the county I pass all the time. UGA conducted research on mayhaws at the Attapulgus Research Farm near Bainbridge many years ago and found that the trees would be well adapted to the Southeast. Mayhaw prices right now are almost double what they generally are and folks are showing interest in finding trees and planting a few in the yard. I love eating mayhaw jelly, and some folks around make it.

MayhawsBlooming2015 (4)One of the biggest pest issues we have with mayhaws is a disease called Quince-Cedar Rust. Spores infect the tree at bloom each year and then overwinters on a secondary host of a cedar tree – usually Eastern Red Cedar – after this. Infection takes place one time during the growing season. The first thing to do is remove cedar trees within a quarter of…

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