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Peanut Stand Problems

Posted by romeethredge on March 5, 2015

It seems like we are having a harder time in recent years getting a good stand of peanuts. Here’s a good research report concerning steps we can take by Dr. Tim Brenneman, UGA Plant Pathologist.

Each year we have fields with stand problems as a result of poor seed, adverse environmental conditions, poor planting practices, etc.  This creates a real problem for the grower, especially on later planted peanut with little possibility of replanting.

The best practice by far is to do things right and get a good stand of uniformly emerging peanuts the first time.  All commercial peanut seed is treated with fungicide dust, currently Dynasty PD (or in some cases CruiserMaxx which also contains an insecticide for thrips).  While these products usually do a great job on seed and seedling diseases, sometimes we still have stand issues.

One good option for dealing with this is to apply an in furrow fungicide.  Abound (azoxystrobin) is the product of choice for this application, and we have had very good results with low rates 2.9 fl oz/A (5.8 fl oz/A for twin rows) working just as well as rates 4 times that high.  This product is particularly active on Aspergillus species, which are some of our worst seed pathogens.  We have not seen phytotoxicity issues, and it has worked very well, even in trials where no seed treatment was applied (see photo below).  It is also compatible with liquid inoculants that are being applied in furrow also.  The low rate is cheap ($3-4 per acre),  and can provide a good additional measure of seedling disease control to get the crop off to a good start.


2014 Trial at Tifton with Nontreated Tifguard seed.    Left hand plot with Abound 2.9 oz/A in furrow vs no in furrow treatment on the right.  (T. Brenneman)


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